One Day At a Time

  • TV Show
  • TV PG
  • Developed by Gloria Calderón Kellett and Mike Royce.
  • Reviewed by Anonymous

**Contains Light Spoilers**

Racial Representation: 5

LGBTQ+ Representation: 5

Disability Representation: 0

Body Size Representation: 2

Gender Representation: 5

Socioeconomic Representation: 5

Mental Health Representation: 5

Religious Representation: 1

Own Voice: Yes, one of the two developers is Latina. Sadly, most of the producers are white.

One Day At A Time is a family show that teaches important life lessons in each episode. It centers around a Cuban-American family including two kids, their mom, and their grandmother. There are multiple strong female leads and there are episodes where they combat sexism and racism. The daughter of the family figures out her sexuality throughout the series and the show deals with homophobia and the struggle of coming out to family members. There is also a nonbinary character who is introduced in season 2. There is some plus-size representation but it is not really talked about. The mother of the family is a war vet and deals with ptsd and depression, as well as the stigma of having a mental illness. There are discussions about religion because the grandmother is deeply religious. There is a stereotypical Jewish character. There are also important conversations about socioeconomic status because the family is low-income and their landlord and friend Schneider comes from a super rich family.


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