Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

  • Video Game
  • Jam City and Portkey Games
  • 12+
  • Reviewed by Valerie

If applicable, the main character customization allows for a diverse range of options in…

  • Race
  • Sexuality/Gender presentation
  • Gender

If applicable, there are side characters who are diverse in…

  • Race
  • Sexuality/Gender presentation
  • Ability
  • Gender
  • Mental Health

If applicable, the storyline feature challenges that deal with…

  • Mental Health

You can customize your main character avatar to have different skin tone, hair texture and style, and eye shape and color. You cannot customize the body size or ability at all. The side characters are much more racially diverse than the Harry Potter books and movies the game is based on. There is also one side character in a wheelchair and one character with a hijab.

There are a few different romantic side quests your character can go on, and you have the option of choosing whether your character dates a boy or a girl no matter your character’s gender, and you can choose a different gender to date for each side quest. The storyline deals with stress and anxiety about schoolwork and OWLS, as well as grief for both your character and the side characters.


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