The Henna Wars

  • Book
  • Young Adult
  • By Adiba Jaigirdar 
  • Reviewed by Anonymous

The following are out of 5

Racial Representation: 5

LGBTQ+ Representation: 5

Disability Representation: 0

Body Size Representation: 3

Gender Representation: 5

Socioeconomic Representation: 0

Mental Health Representation: 3

Religious Representation: 4

Own Voice: Yes

The Henna Wars is a really fun enemies to lovers story that centers a gay couple. It’s cute but also explores challenging topics like race, cultural appropriation, and coming out as gay in a Muslim community.

I personally love the sister relationship which felt really real to my own experiences, as well as the school not taking micro-aggressions seriously, which was frustrating to read, but very realistic.


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