The Owl House

  • TV Show
  • TV-Y7
  • Created by Dana Terrace 
  • Reviewed by Alex Kolodney

The following are out of 5

Racial Representation: 4.5

LGBTQ+ Representation: 4

Disability Representation: 0

Body Size Representation: 3

Gender Representation: 5

Socioeconomic Representation: 0

Mental Health Representation: 0

Religious Representation: 0

Own Voice: The creator is bisexual, like the main character, but is a white woman, while the main character is Afro-Latina

*Note: This review is for the first season. As of writing, season 2 has yet to air.

The Owl House is an animated series about Luz Noceda, a teenage girl that stumbles into a magical world on her way to a juvenile detention summer camp and becomes an apprentice to a rebellious witch named Eda. Luz is Afro-Latina, which is acknowledged within the series, with her and her mother often speaking Spanish to each other. Other significant characters are people of color, including her two best friends in the magic world, who are a Black boy and a Korean-coded girl. However, it should be noted that they are not human, though they have very human appearances. Luz’s friend Willow is fat, and is the victim of bullying for some of the series, although she is explicitly targeted due to her perceived magical ability, and not her body. The majority of main characters are women, who are complex characters.

**Spoilers below surrounding LGBTQ+ rep**

In a Reddit AMA, creator Dana Terrace revealed that Luz is bisexual, and Amity, one of her classmates who she grows close to over the first season, is a lesbian. Luz’s attraction to multiple genders is referenced in series, and Amity explicitly has a crush on Luz, but their labels are not expressed in-series, as is typical of most children’s tv series.


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