I am a senior at Newton South High School and a member of troop 73000.

Valerie Goldstein

This Website was created as a part of my Gold Award Project. A Gold Award is an 80 hour project that solves an issue in my community. I wanted to focus on Media diversity and representation because I have personal ties to this issue. It took a long time for me to see myself represented in the media (see first time I saw me page) but when I finally did, I wanted everyone to be able to have that feeling too. I also saw different stories and reports that emphasized how media diversity is not only beneficial to minorities, but it helps foster empathy and understanding in people who are used to seeing themselves in the media. Right now, we need more empathy and understanding. I also wrote my sophomore speech about this which you can read here:

To create this project, I partnered with Jessica Li and her club, Students for Racial Justice.

Jessica Li

Jessica is currently a sophomore at Newton South High School. She recently started a club called NSHS Students for Racial Justice, which works to spread awareness and promote antiracist activism at school. Jessica continues to be active with groups such as Defund NPD, and Students for Social Justice.

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