The Change Series

Book By Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith  Reviewed by Kit The following are out of 5 Racial Representation: 5 LGBTQ+ Representation: 5 Disability Representation: 5 Body Size Representation: 5 Gender Representation: 5 Socioeconomic Representation: 0 Mental Health Representation: 5 Religious Representation: 2 Own Voice: No-though one of the authors is a therapist focused on treating PTSD The stranger Saga is a surprisingly idealistic andContinue reading “The Change Series”


Album Hayley Kiyoko Reviewed by Valerie This media has positive messaging and themes regarding: LGBTQ+ There is a reason Hayley Kiyoko is known as the Lesbian Jesus. Her songs are not only extremely catchy, but incorporate positive wlw (women loving women) themes. Both the music videos and songs in this album show women unapologetically lovingContinue reading “Expectations”

gen: LOCK

TV Show TV MA By Micheal B Jordan, Gray Haddok Reviewed by Jesse King Racial Representation: 4 LGBTQ+ Representation: 4 Disability Representation: 2 Body Size Representation: 2 Gender Representation: 3 Socioeconomic Representation: 1 Mental Health Representation: 2 Religious Representation: 1 Own Voice: Yes and no. While the team is diverse, the story’s focus isn’t necessarilyContinue reading “gen: LOCK”

Our Dreams at Dusk

Book By Yuhki Kamatani Reviewed by Alex Kolodney Racial Representation: 4.5 LGBTQ+ Representation: 5 Disability Representation: 0 Body Size Representation: 0 Gender Representation: 4 Socioeconomic Representation: 1 Mental Health Representation: 3 Religious Representation: 0 Own Voice: Yes, the author is Japanese, like the characters, and shared an LGBTQ+ identity with one of the characters **ContainsContinue reading “Our Dreams at Dusk”