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Song By David Hugo Reviewed by Anonymous This media has positive messaging and themes regarding: Mental Health This song is about working through depression and getting better and celebrating reaching important milestones, like turning 18. Sources: Image

Doctor Aphra

Book Rated T By Kieron Gillen, Simon Spurrier, Salvador Larroca, and Alyssa Wong  Reviewed by Jesse King The following are out of 5 Racial Representation: 4 LGBTQ+ Representation: 5 Disability Representation: 2 Body Size Representation: 2 Gender Representation: 5 Socioeconomic Representation: 3 Mental Health Representation: 4 Religious Representation: 1 Own Voice: The series that started in 2020 is own voice. Doctor Aphra is StarContinue reading “Doctor Aphra”

The Owl House

TV Show TV-Y7 Created by Dana Terrace  Reviewed by Alex Kolodney The following are out of 5 Racial Representation: 4.5 LGBTQ+ Representation: 4 Disability Representation: 0 Body Size Representation: 3 Gender Representation: 5 Socioeconomic Representation: 0 Mental Health Representation: 0 Religious Representation: 0 Own Voice: The creator is bisexual, like the main character, but is a white woman, while the main character is Afro-Latina *Note:Continue reading “The Owl House”