Doctor Aphra

  • Book
  • Rated T
  • By Kieron Gillen, Simon Spurrier, Salvador Larroca, and Alyssa Wong 
  • Reviewed by Jesse King

The following are out of 5

Racial Representation: 4

LGBTQ+ Representation: 5

Disability Representation: 2

Body Size Representation: 2

Gender Representation: 5

Socioeconomic Representation: 3

Mental Health Representation: 4

Religious Representation: 1

Own Voice: The series that started in 2020 is own voice.

Doctor Aphra is Star Wars comic book series centered around rouge archaeologist Chelli Lona Aphra. Doctor Aphra is (at least half) Asian, and is lesbian. While race is never really part of the story, her being lesbian is very relevant, as she has a love interest and an ex-girlfriend, both of whom are important characters. I put the mental health score there because Aphra is believed to be mentally ill in some way and certainly has PTSD, but it isn’t focused on too much. I wanted to put Doctor Aphra on here as she brings a lot of diversity to the Star Wars universe, but being a comic book original character, she isn’t super well known.

Something important to note is that, this being a comic book series, it isn’t quite as simple as buying a book and reading it. She first appears in the 2015 Darth Vader series (25 issues) and her first series starts after that. That finished with 40 issues and is now going on a second series which has close to 10 issues and is still going. However, most if not all of it can be found in volume format in bookstores, or on apps like comixology.


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